Hosting and Consultancy

All services can be customised and configured to suit your exact requirements. Please contact us for more information.

Internet Services

From a simple website to an entire interactive experience, we provide hosting, consultancy and management for the full scope of internet activities. Our customers range from small businesses with a single web page, to a city wide FM radio station reliant on rock solid streaming, telecoms and multimedia online services.

We also specialise in bespoke services such as social media management, data analytics and AI. If you have an interesting or exciting project feel free to get in touch.

Private Cloud

Generic public cloud services from big tech providers may appear free or low cost, but do you really know the location of your data or the motivations of those holding it?

Regulations require that your data, files and email be stored and processed for clearly defined reasons in known legal locations, yet the business model of some providers is focused on advertising and their legal liability questionable. This can mean your data ends up located, harvested or profiled in ways you never intended.

Management & Support

With a private cloud you fully control the location of the services handling and storing your data. You can also be sure data is backed up and migrate between providers, removing the business continuity risk of a public service closing at short notice.

We also provide a full range of support services from telephone and remote management, to on-site support and training. We can also provide "white label" services allowing you to maintain branding throughout your organisation.