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Q. Why do I see a revolving cog on the left-hand side of this page?
A. This is to show how a website can be made customisable using "localStorage" instead of cookies.

So called "cookie" laws usually apply to almost any form of online tracking, not just cookies. However most of the focus and most online checking tools only look at cookies. What actually matters from a privacy perspective is how the organisation running a site uses the data obtained through it's use. Cookies are often used to track individuals across multiple sites, which is why they have rightly gained a bad reputation, but there are many other ways this can be achieved. In the end it comes down to a combination of regulation and the ethics of the company handing the data.

In this example, the "localStorage" browser function is used to make the site customisable without using cookies and with none of those colour preference choices being sent back to our server, ensuring privacy. However, a bad actor could use this same mechanism or other methods for tracking, without any trace of cookies being used. This is why direct control of your data and trust in those hosting it is so critical online.